The fashion designer known as Tommy Hilfiger was born during March 1951. He was born into an Irish family who were Catholic within the area of Elmira in the United States of America. Tommy Hilfiger had eight brothers and sisters of which he was the second oldest. He had a vast interest in fashion even as a young child. When Tommy was eighteen years of age he began his fashion career within a retail store that was called People’s Place. The People’s Place retail store was located within Tommy’s hometown of Elmira, New York and this store was part of a chain of ten that was owned by the same company. The company sadly ended up going bankrupt.

When the store went bankrupt Tommy was out of work and decided that he would move to New York City. It was whilst in New York City that Tommy Hilfiger decided to launch his own fashion label. This fashion label rapidly made it into the media and it was very popular. The Tommy Hilfiger label took off very quickly and this was assisted by a number of hip-hop groups and rappers who enjoyed and wore the designs. It was these groups and rappers that started the trend of wearing the design in a size that was too big.

Following the trend to wearing the clothes in sizes that were too big Tommy decided to make larger clothes with designs that were a bit more daring. During this time Tommy also set the trend within the hip-hop sector and he sent his designs to some of his favorite rappers. Over the years Tommy Hilfiger developed a range of different products which includes fragrances, neckties and denims to name a few of the collections.

The fragrance collection that was launched by Tommy Hilfiger included a range of different scents. The Hilfiger fragrance collection included ten different scents that were designed for men. Some of these scents included Freedom Cologne, Tommy 10 Cologne, Hilfiger Cologne and also Tommy Hilfiger Cologne. The Hilfiger fragrance collection also includes some scents for women such as Dreaming Perfume, Tommy Girl Perfume, True Star Perfume and also Freedom Perfume. Tommy Hilfiger worked in conjunction with Tommy Dunn in order to develop some of the fragrance collection. Tommy Dunn is the model for the Hilfiger collection.

Another very popular item within the Hilfiger range is neckties. The neckties that formed part of the Hilfiger collection vary considerably in design and they range from sophisticated to sporty. Tommy Hilfiger truly has a real talent when it comes to designing garments such as neckties. The Hilfiger tie collection includes a range of different two-tone ties, and these really do create a bold statement.

Hilfiger is best known for his denim collection. Over the years he has continued with his denim designs whilst still developing the other collections. Hilfiger is one of the best-known names within the denim labels. Hilfiger produces denim designs that can be worn by all members of the family, which makes it easy for them to look good in denim.

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